We are the smartest people this planet has ever seen. We have more knowledge, technology, wealth and understanding than ever before. I'm no expert, but I believe World Peace is finally possible.

No more hysteria, excuses, or finger-pointing, it's time to focus on solutions. Our favourite is evolving from today's profit-above-all model to a peace-above-all model: Capitalism 2.0.

Our world has been on a constant evolution of knowledge and thought since the dawn of time. Lets keep going.

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Capitalism 1.0 - Profits Above People

Capitalism 2.0 - Prioritizing Peace

  • Mistakes of Feminists was to not combine forces with all repressed people

    The Social Enterprise movement, like the rights for equality, are incompatible with the male-centric, profit-focused mentality. The profit-above-all mentality is just as dangerous as the male-above-all mentality which still exists today.

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  • Capitalism isn't just about maximizing profits. Evolving Capitalism (Capitalism 2.0) is about the balance between wealth creation and wealth distribution.

  • New business opportunities abound in the evolution of Capitalism

  • Introducing Capitalism 2 - the evolution of Capitalism

    Introducing Capitalism 2.0: Evolution of Capitalism

  • How does David beat Goliath? We crowd out big business

Considering Conspiracy Theories

Exploiting Mass Media

Snapshot of Today

Philosophy of Peace

  • Peeing Sitting Down

    Why do men avoid peeing sitting down? What else do we do (or not) with no reason, just habit? Force your brain to flex and grow by changing up old habits.

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  • I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. - Nelson Mandela

    Philosophically Speaking

  • The Key to Change is to let go of Fear