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I’m No Expert, Here’s Why

Years ago I was shown how important it is to talk to strangers, ask questions, and assume the best in people. After a few decades of conversations it’s time to share what I’ve learned. I’m No Expert, but I hope to use what I know to get involved in a conversation about World Peace – one that I hope you will become a part of.

Everywhere I travel I see that most people are happy, friendly, laughing, interacting, sharing. Yet the world has suddenly become a very serious place. Instead of smiling in photos, suddenly people make “duck” faces. Police everywhere look like heavily armed military units. ‘Reality television’ make people out to be complete morons (both the “stars” and the viewers). Why the discrepancy?

I’ve named the site “I’m No Expert” to buy myself some freedom – freedom to share thoughts and ideas without laying claim to either their originality or my expertise in this area. I am passionate about promoting (pragmatic) peace and that remains my primary motivation. Many people claim to be experts, I don’t.

I don’t claim to be an expert in this world of ours, but I know a little about a lot. I know enough to believe that we are capable of making this world a safer, more peaceful place for everyone.

The news and media focus on a mantra “if it bleeds it reads” feeding fear, anger, and a feeling of impotence. The rich are getting richer by the second, the poor and the indigenous are still getting fucked, and the world has been maneuvered in to another recession by “experts” who will profit off everyone else’s losses.

Our rights are being taken away, our military spending is on the rise, no one trusts our political systems, our military, education and health are being privatized to the very companies that caused most of these problems in the first place, and every flat surface and every webpage is getting filed with more and more advertising to sell shit no one really needs.

I’m No Expert, but I know things can change

We are the smartest people this planet has ever seen. We have more technology, more wealth, more knowledge, more understanding than any other humans in the history of (wo)mankind.

We are capable of evolving our world, our societies, our nations, our economy. We are pack animals, survivalists, and loving by nature. Hatred, racism, killing and scarcity are taught, they are not “human nature”.

Years from now I hope to look back on my life and know I did everything I could to help make the world a more peaceful place.

This website is part of this next adventure.

Moving forward requires all of us to work together for a common goal. I’m No Expert, but I’m suggesting we move from a profit-above-all model to a profit-third model–after Peace and a social mission of your choosing.

We must forgive our mistakes, thank our predecessors, and look forward together to our common future.

It’s time to stop separating Capitalsim, Socialism, power, greed and love. We are all, to varying extents, a combination of each. Solutions lie in combining everything we know, not fragmenting ideas in to separate ideologies.

So, here we are today. Where do we want to go tomorrow?


  1. Sandi Billington

    Hello I’m No Expert! I’m not either! Been a while since our conversations! Glad you’re back!
    Where do we go from here. Good question… I think we need to live with what was done here politically. So tired of the arguing and infighting. Of course I don’t like WHAT we’ve done, but get over it, FOR NOW! Everyone breathe deeply about 10,000 times at least! Then when the oxygen starved brains we all were running with, finally become rational again, we use the more calmed brains to think. I want whom I want for our President. Everyone does. Or will once CALM enters their brains. Strategizing can and should wait a bit, so everyone is rational, hopefully, again! Then we buckle down intelligently and go from there. Cohesive thinking can be quite useful you know.
    Everyone seems to be to angry to even think of the right things, or the left, much less trying to paint a picture of the MIDDLE, the intermission. Which is where we can all come together peacefully, and come up with a solution for everyone. Sorry it’s been so long Roger!

    • Thanks for your comment, Sandi! Yes, rational minds would be a great addition to the arguments! As Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine explains (http://amzn.to/2sP4SuM), the Establishment very deliberately prefers us in a state of mental exhaustion, fatigued by endless war, idiotic politics, corruption, crime, drugs, etc etc. Luckily more and more of us are waking up to this, breathing through it, and coming together.

      As Naomi said to me when we met once, there is comfort in numbers…. we much unite our energy, calm minds, and solutions!

      Thanks for reading and sharing me Sandi!

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