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About Me – Roger Ley

It’s been said that the time has come for my generation to evolve from content consumers to content creators. I am thus trepidatiously sallying forth.

I would like to one day look back on my life and be able to say that I did everything I could to help make the world a more fun and peaceful place. – Roger Ley, 2014

Fate dropped my lucky soul in to one of the safest places in the world – inside a white male born to a loving middle-class British family.  I was pretty good in school I guess, no rock star, but no dummy either. I liked my teachers, got along with my classmates, and always had a pretty awesome imagination. I used to build and fix stuff when I was younger. As a kid it was TVs, VCRs and tape decks, but lately it’s been fixing drinks, computers, houses and movie theatres.

I’ve always known that everyone deserves the same respect, and I’ve always enjoyed thinking about how things work and why things are the way they are. My gift, I suppose, is seeing the potential and possibilities.

I love a good conspiracy theory, I believe in life beyond our planet, I believe that all living things are connected in ways that we don’t really comprehend, and I believe everyone is capable of training their brain to do almost anything – with a little bit of effort.

Life is far more fun when you believe in ghosts, aliens, karma and love.  – Roger Ley, 1990, age 16.

I have been extremely fortunate to have been given the life I’ve had. My experiences have taught me that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have been given, and I believe everyone should have the right to give their family a good life, providing that does not cause harm to other people.

I believe everyone should have choice and control over every aspect of their own body, and that no one should, by right or occupation, hurt other people. I believe profit should always be the third priority, never the first or second, and I believe that today’s system will and can change.

I do not believe we will see WWIII, but I do believe there are those that hope we do, both for profit and in an attempt to bring our population down.

Religion is the leading cause of violence. – Roger Ley, 1988, age 14.

I believe I need the help of lots of people to spread optimism, to help us change course, and to implement new ideas that we are all capable of coming up with.

Nothing matters except that which we give meaning, and that matters only as much as the meaning we give it. As we give less meaning to the meaningless, we find that most things don’t matter. – Roger Ley, 2013

I’m No Expert, (I’m a nuru, not a guru,) and with that in mind I present some ideas, some criticisms, some concerns, and hopefully, some helpful advise.

I look forward to working with others who can help me make the world a more peaceful place.

This site is my public forum to join a worldwide conversation to help us all move forward from our past. I invite you to contact me, share with me what you know and think, introduce me to people on the same path, and help build and/or introduce me to a community of peace.

Perception is a fabricated foundation from which one sets their footing. – Roger Ley, 2005

I’m No Expert, but together, anything is possible. Enjoy, and please be in touch. Roger Ley.

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