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Our Manifesto: 10 fundamental principles

Our Manifesto. 10 fundamental principles to our outlook, philosophy and discussion.

1) There is no “Us against Them” because there is no “Them.” There is only Us. We are all in this together.

2) Corporations aren’t “Them,” but nor should they be “Us.” Corporations are of our creation and thus of our fate and control.  Worldwide, corporations have many of the same rights as people do, and then some. This has to change and change is limited only to our willingness to create new models.

3) The past contains lessons and lies, and is for other groups to contemplate. We are interested in the present, and what we will do with it to create our future. The next phase of humanity begins from an unbiased, non-judgemental snapshot of now. The past is reminder of what we’ve done, how far we’ve come, and how biased memory can be.

4) We have one planet and thus we are all a family with a collective present and a connected future.

5) Borders, customs, organized religion, the economy and our history are all human creations. There is no need but habit for any to continue unchanged. Their future is ours to decide. Anything is possible when the right people support the right ideas. Everything is impossible until it is done.

6) Faith is a personal choice and should not be imposed upon others.

7) Our mind is our own creation. What we do with it is a matter of choice; what we could do with it is a matter of faith.

8) Our bodies are our own to do with as we please, provided those pleasures do not adversely affect others without their consent.

9) All creatures of this planet have an inherent right to their species’ survival, and as such, to clean air, sufficient food, fresh water and a healthy environment.

10) Science is our most powerful and potentially destructive creation. It is our global responsibility to wield it only when there are agreed upon moral and ethical standards from which to risk our work. These standards must be based on today, not yesterday, and should prioritize our planet’s continued, communal future.

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