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Tomorrow’s Leaders Know: Change is Inevitable

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”.

Change is inevitable, and that brings me great hope and optimism.

There will always be those that fear change, those that fight against it, especially when they have a vested interest in the status quo. Fortunately the ability to limit growth is tied to the power we, the majority, give to those in charge. There will always be fewer people in charge than those they are in charge of and in today’s world, it’s the people in charge who fear change.

When we want change, we simply have to insist upon it by showing our numbers, showing our unity and showing our will.  Our leaders will bend, and those that won’t shall be removed. This has always been the way, and this will always be the way.

My question to you is simply this: When will a change happen that moves those who don’t want change out of the way?

Our world is run by dinosaurs. Old men who can’t say “I Love You”or share their feelings. Old men who profit off the backs of the underprivileged, the weak, the silent. Change is inevitable.

When will a change occur that moves those of us who demand a new way of doing business into the seat of control where we can implement the changes? The next election? The next decade? The next mass-extinction?

We are heading to a world that is running low on resources – that causes war – that causes death. Together, we could head in the opposite direction – one of stewardship of resources, global human equality, and a new paradigm of financial understanding. The choice is ours, collectively.

In today’s world, he who has the most expensive lawyer seems to make the rules. In today’s world, he who has access to the loudest Media machine sways the attention of the masses. In tomorrow’s world, the Internet will raise the voice of the silent and create a platform for the majority to join forces.

Change Is Inevitable, and it’s coming

As I travel around asking strangers what they think of the world today, most people complain that they feel unheard, unrepresented and under pressure. Discontent is growing, and social media is giving voice to the pitch forks.

The past decade has seen rising levels of apathy towards traditional forms of government, while technology has created a platform for communities of change to meet, share ideas, and work together. The Occupy movement began one – a movement for “regular people” to realize they have a voice.

Change is inevitable because nature won’t stand still. In a never-ending effort to create balance, Nature finds a way to remind humans that they are not all that powerful. If we don’t change, Nature will change us.

You will be on one side or the other of change, but change will ultimately take us down one a path of survival or extinction. The planet will shrug us off or continue to embrace us without requiring our consent.

Will we continue our self-destructive path of infinitely consuming the finite, or will we maneuver change  towards a world of peace and living within our means.

Naturally, I choose the latter. Change is inevitable, but it will take all of us to stay ahead of the wave. Are you willing to change, adapt, and learn?


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