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What exactly IS Capitalism 2.0?

Put simply, Capitalism 2.0 is an evolution (not a revolution) of today’s system – which I consider “version 1″.

Capitalism 1.0 prioritizes profits/income/economy above everything else, whereas Capitalism 2.0 prioritizes Peace above everything else. Profit comes third.

Capitalism 2.0 isn’t THE solution, that is, it won’t create Utopia, but is an INTERIM stepping-stone, bridging today’s system to the future utopian one. “The” solution would be a truly equal, global system, which, as I know you’ll agree, could never be based on Capitalism at all. Utopia would be an economic system that doesn’t require national borders, fear, scarcity, “trickle-down theories,” classes or even “races.” fearSuch a system would be far too different for most of our society (and likely ALL of our “leaders”) to even comprehend, let alone implement.

Today, people fear changeour current system is designed to ensure that. We aren’t ready for Utopia… at least not yet.

(Well, more correctly, today’s system has shown it will literally kill to maintain it’s power structures, thus rendering our efforts for drastic change futile. I actually think most people are ready (and desperate!) for change, but as election after election and referendum after referendum show, the Establishment’s control over the narrative (through their mainstream media, education system, corporate rights, “Investor-State Dispute Settlements” and more) is proving too powerful to allow drastic change through consensus. We vote for change, yet elect “leaders” who then refuse to allow it.)

So for now, I argue, we need an interim “bridge” between today’s system and “Utopia”. We need something that requires minimum change from today’s world so that the majority of people can comprehend, build and implement it . This interim system is what I call “Capitalism 2.0”. An Evolution of Today.

Capitalism 2.0 is not that different from what we have today. For now.

Capitalism 2.0 must work WITHIN today’s system to be effective. It must be driven from the bottom-up so that the top-down corruption has no power to stop it through bribes and intimidation. It must be built by people who, today, agree with this: “Love Capitalism? Check Out These Business Opportunities”. It must be led by today’s Social Innovators, Social Entrepreneurs, and any uncorrupted celebrity that can carry our flag of (minimal) change to the masses.

So… what is Capitalism 2.0?

Put simply, whereas today’s “Capitalism 1.0” requires businesses to focus on profits/income/economy above everything else, Capitalism 2.0 corporations and enterprises prioritize like this:

First Priority: World Peace

World Peace is an idea we can all get behind, provided the definition is practical: Stopping the need to manufacture weapons that kill more than 1 person per trigger pull (the NRA will have to be happy with single-shot guns and rifles).  We focus on ‘killing’ the demand for assault weapons, bombs and missiles, which starts, I believe, with killing the private profits of war & weaponry. Peace isn’t about ending conflict, it’s about ending deliberate massacres of humans and animals for the benefit of a few wealthy individuals. Further clarification of this definition is out of context for this article, so please just accept that Peace is about stopping War, NOT about naively trying to make everyone “get along”. Every new enterprise must prioritize Peace above everything else in their mandate, without fail. Divesting from weapons manufacturers is a great first step. “Leaders” who don’t support this idea will immediately be identifying themselves as part of the problem.

Second Priority: YOUR “Social Mission”

Focus next on whatever YOU (or your enterprise) believe makes the world “a better place”. Some people will focus on their home lives, others their community, others may start a Social Enterprise, while others will focus on bringing down the Cabal that profit from today’s conflicts and status quo. This is a personal “mission” that brings meaning to your life, and may or may not be your occupation. Ideally, your social mission would also support your family, but in today’s world, that’s not always possible. (This website has yet to earn me a penny, by the way. *sigh*)

Third Priority: Profit

Yes, Profit (or Personal Income, dividends, Investments, etc.) remains a priority, just not the first one. Let’s admit that today money is an excellent motivator to get people to do what they otherwise wouldn’t do… So for now money has to remain a priority. Again, minimum change for maximum effect.  Nobody wants to spend their days working, but we still need to feed ourselves during the transition, don’t we?

Beyond that, Capitalism 2.0 is not that different from what we have today.  Remember – this is a stepping stone.

What about existing businesses?

We can’t demand that existing businesses adopt this system, nor can we write laws to enforce it. The “powers that be” won’t allow it. This new system will be built from the bottom-up, it will be built by choice, by those willing to make that choice, and we must help each other out.  As Jesus said, “There will always be assholes”, and assholes at the top will continue to cling to their Capitalism 1.0 ideals… until we crowd them out. They will either choose to get on board (and recognize the economic benefits of doing so), or they will be left behind, by us – their customers.  

Remember, the business need their customers more than their customers need the business.

As Capitalism 2.0 takes over, that is, as more and more businesses, start-ups, and enterprises adopt this new approach to business, the minority of people who prefer today’s system exactly as it is, will stand out. They will be against us, and while they will have wealth on their side, they will no longer have influence. The majority will finally unite against this minority of dinosaurs who profit from today’s inequity, fear and conflict, and bring them to justice. The “top” will topple, or they will evolve and join in – as some already have.

The Evolution has already begun!

Now, while we’re introducing Capitalism 2.0 here, the shift has already begun. The Social Enterprise movement, existing successful co-operatives, and the merger of capitalist efficiencies with socialist values are already on the rise in many countries. Canada’s “Community Contribution Corporations ” (3Cs), the UK’s “Community interest companies” (CICs), and the USAs “Low-profit limited liability company” (L3Cs) are all new “blended” corporate models with tax advantages for corporations with “Triple Bottom Lines“.

The evolution has already begun. Now it’s time to encourage your employer, friends and family to join in. We are all in this together.

Once the profit-first dinosaurs have been crowded out by the Capitalist 2.0’ers, we will then be able to prepare people for the REAL end game: a system not based on money, but on real, finite, global resources, shared equally for all…. But that’s for another day.

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