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Accepting Today will lead us to Tomorrow

Lots of people I talk to complain about today’s world instead of just accepting today. Fingers are pointed at “evil” corporations, corrupt government officials, useless products, and an apathetic populace – to name but a few. Today is the product of all of us, not an elite few, and it’s time we accepted it.

People talk about a futuristic Utopian world where all our problems are gone and everyone lives in peace and harmony together with Nature and Neighbours. I’m all for it – but I’m interested in discussing how we get there – from where we are today to this wonderful world of tomorrow.

As a species we are blessed with an ability to predict, imagine, blame, love and hate. It is Nature’s irony that give us both the tools to move forward and to remain stagnant.

It’s time to move beyond the Us vs. Them, People vs. Corporations, Rich vs. Poor arguments. It’s time to stop wasting time pointing fingers and placing blame. Our species has survived and prospered thanks to everyone, and everything, that has been here before us. We would do well to be grateful for their work and sacrifices, but I’ll get to that in another post.

Accepting today’s world and its flaws

I’m No Expert, but before we can reach tomorrow we’d bloody well better agree on exactly where we are today.

In order to move forward we must first focus on accepting today and give thanks to everyone that came before us, who’s combined efforts have got us this far. Is the world perfect? No, but we haven’t finished evolving either.

As long as we bicker over blame, point fingers, argue, insult, and in-fight we will never move forward. Some argue that’s the The System’s agenda – to keep us distracted from the truth.

Accepting today with gratitude for what we have instead of frustration for what we don’t have, will allow us to work together and move forward.

We are all in this together, and the sooner we work together the sooner we will have our Utopia.

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